Il gruppo Giunti


Established at the height of the battles for Italian unification, our publishing house was born from the idea of forming the new society of a united Italy. Since then, the mission of Giunti Editore is to disseminate knowledge and culture through scientifically rigorous books, in a language that makes them easily accessible and interesting to readers of every cultural and social level. Equally important is the commitment to ensure an ever-improving distribution of books in the belief that a wider spread of reading can contribute significantly to the growth and development of our country.


Giunti is a publishing house dedicated to early childhood books, school books, children's books, psychology, music, art, literature, history, and science, as well as books on crafts, leisure, tourism, food, health, alternative medicines and many other offerings.

The company has spread to all fields of traditional publishing precisely because it was born while considering the future and the avant-garde even in technological applications: thus not just books, but also the development of content for new offline and online media with the aim of giving full satisfaction to the constant evolution of the consumption of culture.

Read our Code of Ethics (in Italian):
Codice etico e Modello di Organizzazione (PDF)