100 cats in art
100 cats in art

100 cats in art

Cats, cats, cats - sly, mischievous, impudent, rebellious, hunters, clowns, adorable sleepyheads, cats have been sung by poets and writers, have been loved and painted by artists of all times and everywhere. The Egyptians worshipped the cat as a God. For the superstitious western world, it was the spirit of evil. Poets such as Baudelaire and Neruda described cats as bewitchingly seductive. Andy Wa...
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Editore: Giunti
Collana: Art Game
Curatore: Gloria Fossi
Copertina: Brossura
Pagine: 208
Dimensione: 13 x 13
Data di pubblicazione: 15/04/2015
ISBN: 9788809806382