Italian cheese
Italian cheese

Italian cheese

293 artisan specialities, exhaustively described and lavishly illustrated: a new, updated edition of our guide to Italian cheeses. A comprehensive catalog of produce from an incredible variety of landscapes and environments, of animal breeds and production techniques. Plus, a wealth of specialist information about cheese families, aging, and terminology. And, last but not least, tips from Sloow Fo...
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Editore: Slow Food Editore
Collana: Guide Slow
Curatore: Roberto Rubino
Curatore: Piero Sardo
Curatore: Angelo Surrusca
Traduttore: Helen Donald
Traduttore: Michael Farrell
Traduttore: Giles Watson
Copertina: Cartonato olandese
Pagine: 504
Dimensione: 120x215
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ISBN: 9788884991119