Enrica Crispino


The life of Michelangelo Buonarroti, entirely dedicated to art, is marked up by an astounding series of masterpieces: form the ''Pietà'' to the ''David'', from the ''Doni Tondo'' to the Sistine Chapel. A long and tormented existential route, fed on passionate research and maniacal application, which develops between the Florence of the Magnificent and the papal Rome. Paintings, sculptures, archite...
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Editore: Giunti
Collana: Vita d'artista 2007
Traduttore: Silvia Silvestri
Copertina: Brossura con bandelle
Pagine: 160
Dimensione: 170.0 x 210.0
Data di pubblicazione: 15/09/2010
ISBN: 9788809749566