Porsche. All the cars
Porsche. All the cars

Lorenzo Ardizio

Porsche. All the cars

Porsche, the great Stuttgart-based manufacturer, certainly needs no introduction. In over 60 years, it has built unforgettable road and racing cars, which have every right to be part of the fabric of motoring and motor sport history. Their designations may be numbers, but behind each one of them there is a legendary car; the 356, 911, 928 and 959, the 550, 906, 908, 917, 956 and 962 are just some...
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Editore: Giorgio Nada Editore
Introduzione: Michele Leonello
Illustratore: Michele Leonello
Presentazione: Lorenzo Ardizio
Copertina: Cartonato
Pagine: 416
Dimensione: 160.0 x 210.0
Data di pubblicazione: 04/05/2016
ISBN: 9788879116541