Three Men in a Boat
Three Men in a Boat

Jerome K. Jerome

Three Men in a Boat

Oh!'' exclaimed George, grasping the idea; ''but we can't drink the river, you know!'' ''No; but you can drink some of it'' replied the old fellow. ''It's what I've drunk for the last fifteen years. George told him that his appearance, after the course, did not seem a sufficiently good advertisement for the brand; and that he would prefer it out of a pump. In versione integrale, i più grandi class...
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Collana: Giunti Classics
Curatore: Luciana Pirè
Copertina: Brossura
Pagine: 192
Dimensione: 130.0 x 195.0
Data di pubblicazione: 07/06/2017
ISBN: 9788809856660