Chocolate an Italian Passion

100 years of stories and recipes

Deiana Roberta

192 pagine

Throughout a century of history, retraced here through familiar images and traditional and contemporary recipes, a genuine passion for chocolate has inspired the flair and creativity of Italian cookery. From society ladies' cups of hot chocolate in the early years of the 20th Century to the unappetising surrogates available during the self-sufficiency campaign of the Fascist period; from the so-called 'chocolate' rations of the U.S. Fifth Army to the post-war boom when real chocolate at last became a familiar daily indulgence everyone could afford, the century recorded here can be explored and enjoyed through Roberta Deiana's delicious recipes. One hundred years, moreover, in the history of a chocolate manufacturing firm, involving the life of a family, its passion and commitment to quality.

  • Editore: Giunti
  • Collana: Peccati di gola
  • Illustratore: Luppi,Silvia|Sacchi,Paolo
  • Traduttore: Frost,Catherine|Garvin,Patricia Brigid
  • Copertina: Brossura con bandelle
  • Dimensione: 19.5x25cm
  • Lingua: Italiano
  • ISBN - EAN: 9788809781610
  • Data di pubblicazione: 01/12/2012
  • Prima edizione: ottobre 2012