The great Wines of Tuscany

The finest Reds

Gentili Ernesto

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The great wines of Tuscany: the history, the wineries, the vintages.
Tuscany is a land of great wines. And it is the reds that have made this region world-famous.
Ernesto Gentili, based on his long experience as journalist and critic, has chosen the most prestigious bottles that represent the excellence of the Tuscan reds over the years.
In this book he presents the history, the wine-producers, the profile and the spirit of the Tuscan wines. And for each wine he reports tastings of different vintages, the ''verticals'' that make this volume unique of its kind.
Those who love great wines will be enthralled.

  • Editore: Giunti
  • Collana: Reference di enogastronomia
  • Illustratore: Vannucchi,Lido|Mennonna,Lorenzo
  • Traduttore: Frost,Catherine
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  • Lingua: Italiano
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  • Data di pubblicazione: 23/11/2016
  • Prima edizione: novembre 2016