The Mud Angels

The ''best of youth'' in Florence at the time of the flood, 50 years after

D'Angelis Erasmo

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Fifty years after the terrible flood in November 1966, a disaster which had Florentines waking up in a city invaded by water and mud, The Mud Angels by Erasmo De Angelis tells the story of the medal-less heroes, an army equipped with buckets and shovels, who amazed the world with their exhausted yet cheerful faces.

Driven by a reckless generosity and a deep love of beauty, culture and art, the "angels" volunteered for weeks, sometimes in harsh conditions, in the shops, churches, museums, in the basement of the National Library and the State Archives, helping rescue priceless heritage and animating a never forgotten humanitarian experience.

The Mud Angels arrived in dribs and drabs in a desperate, isolated Florence, and were the first generation of volunteers during the flood of 1966. They launched themselves into the adventure without thinking twice, knowing that the most they would get in return would be a heartfelt word of thanks.

The book is enriched by unique and partly unpublished pictures, thanks to the collaboration with Florence's Locchi Archive: they serve as an indelible witness of the good will of those who chose to "get their hands dirty with a smile

  • Editore: Giunti
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  • Traduttore: Brierley,Anthony
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  • Data di pubblicazione: 19/10/2016
  • Prima edizione: ottobre 2016
Erasmo D'Angelis

Giornalista, esperto e divulgatore di tematiche ambientali, si occupa di sicurezza del territorio dai grandi rischi. Con la Protezione civile, con le istituzioni, gli enti e le associazioni di volontariato e ambientaliste, creando una vasta rete organizzativa, ha ideato...

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